Pak Shipping Agency to be known as best service providers in International freight shipping. It has shown to the environment that it is capable of meeting the needs of shipping arena and gained recognition in a very short span of time. we normally deals with:

  • LCL Consolidation
  • FCL
  • Air Cargo
  • Afghan transit Cargo
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics

Pak Shipping Agency usually cover this region with successfully and carefully because PAK SHIPPING AGENCY want to provide the best services of the world for their customers.

What Make Us Unique?

The group is managed by a family who is in shipping business since 2012. The third compeers is now involved who is refining business processes for more efficiency and effectiveness. The group is totally bankrolled by its owners. The leading commercial bank also approved credit limit, but we never utilized it being the NVOCC, we have more flexibility. inconsequential fixed cost and minor related risks give us the strength to perform even in immoral times.

Our perceptiveness and mature existence lead us to analyze on-going market conditions more delicately and skillfully. Our dedicated and Qualified team suggests most profitable sectors where we should allocate or relocate our equipment. We have limited container / equipment maintenance, management and control department. This department is prepared with best skilled staff and latest technology that facilitate them to handle equipment with perfection.
Considering the need for expansion of business operations, we are continuously buying equipments from leasing companies, depot and other shipping lines.